Shooting away the Doubt

  • Shooting away the Doubt

Titled "Shooting away the doubt" I was struggling with a life decision and thinking about the direction I wanted to go.

The fox, a creature of resourcefulness. An embodiment of two choices I struggled with. Then you have the illustrative style demon blobs emerging from the left. The other choice, the "foolish" path, uncertainty. The arrow, the physical manifestation of a hypothetical decision. Do I let this decision shoot away one choice from within my thoughts or do I release this choice and run with it? Which one is the doubt?

Oil Painting on Masonite panel.

Width: 36 inches
Height: 24 inches

Disclaimer: Colors may vary depending on device it is viewed from. Framing is necessary, painting is on a flat panel .25 inches thick. Most shipments take a few days, sometimes longer on larger pieces to prepare for shipping.